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Every aspect of our business is designed around creating a positive experience for our customers...from our unique design process to our prompt attention to even the smallest detail prior to, during, and after construction.

We build custom homes of every genre. Our custom homes take on the unique personality of Utah's most exclusive neighborhoods and varied wilderness surroundings. No matter the style you choose, whether a European cottage home, or a rustic mountain hideaway, or a coastal Cape Cod-like estate, each is one of a kind and becomes a part of you. Let ICO Custom homes help make your dream home a reality.

While we build across the Wasatch Front, we specialize in matching homes to their surroundings. Our custom homes are built in beautiful settings, often along the tops of Utah's scenic mountain ranges. We orient the home and design elements to capture spectacular views and blend naturally into some of the most beautiful scenery in the American West.

The ICO team has built more custom homes than any other custom builder in the state of Utah. As Utah's #1 Custom Home Builder, with more than 60 years of experience, we can help you with every step of the process, from architecture and design to construction and warranty. We are great at what we do and will help you feel confident in the process of building a home that embodies the warmth and character you envision. As an affiliate of Ivory Homes, we have the purchasing power to provide tremendous value that no other custom home builder can provide. These savings augment your finishing budget and allow you to select and implement finish-work and design elements that matches your personality and style, beyond what you might have envisioned.